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Wrought iron shelf with toilet roll holder

This beautiful steel shelf has a toilet roll holder on that makes it unique.

When talking about unique designs I was looking for something for my own bathroom and jotted down this very different touch to a toilet roll holder.

We all want a special touch to our homes, above that as bathroom space is limited we need to make the best of the space we have.

Sitting and thinking hard about it I decided on a toilet roll holder that was connected to a shelf with a glass surface to save space, and not just that but it has a beautiful look to it.

So, I now have a shelf connected to my toilet roll holder to display a beautiful bowl of dried leaves and to put down a room freshener too.

It’s a simple yet so elegant feature to add to your bathroom if you need to liven it up a notch. Exclusivio wrought iron designs used 10mm round bar steel for the frame work on the toilet roll shelf. Instead of a wooden surface Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs opted for a clear glass surface.

This design can be used in a kitchen as well as a holder for your kitchen paper towels the ideas are limitless to what you can do with this shelf.

For the colour, we used our black and bronze paint technique to give an antique look and feel to the room.

If you have your mind set to something different let Exclusivio wrought iron designs do the work and you enjoy the end product

Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs designed and manufactured this beautiful yet practical wrought iron shelf with toilet roll holder. Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs assist you in thoughtful designs not only for practical use but also for beauty.

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