Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs design your wrought iron and stainless steel designs.

Decorative wrought iron main entrance gate, study gate and wall mounted mirror.


Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs have once again succeeded in gratifying another discerning Client by manufacturing ornately designed Main Entrance Door, Study Door and Wall Mounted Mirror.

The components are all fabricated to the Client’s specific tastes for allocated areas of the household.

The main entrance door and study door and are fabricated from an assortment of 38 mm square tubing for the frames, 12mm square and 12mm round bar make up the attractive uprights, horizontals and scrolling.

The wall mirror is fabricated from a combination of 25mm square tubing frame, 16mm & 10mm round bar peripherals, decorative leaves and a single bird figurine. The main entrance door is primed and finished in a very attractive antique gold paint which generally lends itself to warm welcome to visitors.

The study gate is primed and powder coated soft white. The wall mirror is primed and painted pine green with gold leaves and a red robin. The colours are of course for the individual Client’s personal preferences.

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