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Steel pergola, external and internal balustrading.

Another gratifying achievement by Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs, fabricating and erecting this striking patio pergola complete with balustrading and internal balustrading for an extremely appreciative Client.

The pergola and associated exterior balustrading are manufactured to suit the coverage of the Client’s patio and the interior balustrading to blend in with the internal presence of the Client’s household.

The pergola and balustrading are manufactured from the following material: The portals are 200IPE100 with 8mm base and end plates secured with M16 chemical anchors.                                                                                                                                 The purlins and side rails are 76x25x1.6 rectangular tubing.  The external balustrading uprights 32mm square tubing uprights with 8mm diameter cables and fixing accessories and meranti hand rail, the internal balustrading is 50mm square tubing uprights with 12mm diameter cable and fixing accessories and meranti handrail. Material sizes will vary in accordance with the varying dimensions of patios.

The portals are primed and painted battle ship gray and the purlins and side rails signal grey. The balustrading uprights are primed and painted black.  Colours can vary in accordance with Client preferences. 

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