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Double swing security gate with flower décor

Exclusivio wrought iron/stainless steel designs received this beautiful opportunity to create a double swing security gate for a front door.

This is a one of a kind gate as it is nothing like anything we have ever done before. Normally customers opt for the standard security gate as they just want safety over decoration, but this gate has a bit of both.

We created this gate to insure our customers safety as well as adding a beautiful look to the gate as well. It is possible to have safety and a beautiful design on a security gate. Were the usual handles will be to open the gate we have placed a nice big flower in its place.

The actual round bar in-between that is normally placed horizontal or diagonal we went the extra mile for this customer and started rolling and bending it into shapes that in the end form flower pots and beautiful swirls and twirls that look like branches of the actual flower spreading over the gate forming the security need to keep unwanted guests at bay.

This security gate is not restricted to this specific design it can be changed or detail added or removed to suit any customer’s needs.

We can add leaves and more little flowers or even butterflies to give it the wow factor. And like all of the work we do this gate is painted in a primer and then colour of choice is sprayed over it.

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Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs design your wrought iron and stainless steel and give you the security and décor you want to make your home safe and stylish.