Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs design your wrought iron and stainless steel designs.


Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs Ornately designed three quarter day bed fabricated from wrought iron for another very appreciative Client.

The components are all fabricated to suit the Client’s specific tastes for the allocated bedroom area.

The three-quarter day bed is fabricated from an assortment of 50 mm round tubing for the bed posts, 32mm square tubing for the mattress supports, and 19mm and 12mm round tubing make up the attractive “headboards”.

The three-quarter day bed and crown wall mount are spray primed and finished in German Silver paint.

The single day bed is spry primed and painted matt black.

The four-seater table with self-contained swivel seats is fabricated from 38 x 25 rectangular tubing, 25mm, 16mm and 12mm square tubing and sturdy hinges for the swivel seats.  Allowance has been made for the application of chemical anchors to secure the table to concrete.

The table top which measures 1800 x 800 and seat tops are crafted out of laminated pine, seared and sealed.

The finished product to prevent rust is spray primed and painted matt black.

Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs give our Clients attractive domestic products.  Visit our Wrought Irons Designs Showroom, 564 Trichards Road, Ravenswood, Boksburg or call either Pierries du Toit or Judge O’Dwyer on 011 917-8192 or 079 139 4143 (Pierries) 082 539 7767 (Judge)