Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs design your wrought iron and stainless steel designs.

Steel security gate, driveway gate, pedestrian gate, balustrading and wall lights.

Exclusivio wrought iron designs has outdone themselves yet once again in creating this beautiful combo.

All designed to resemble each other in a beautiful way. This work took some time to complete but the end result is something we can be proud of.

The steel balustrading is made up from the following material:
Posts consists of 50x50mm steel square tube.
Horizontals consists of 50 x 25mm steel rectangular tube.
Verticals consists of 12mm steel twisted round bar with onions and two gates fitted into the balustrade.

The pedestrian gate is made up from the following material:
50mm x 50mm steel square tubing for the frame and 1.6mm steel plate to cover the entire gate.
We used twisted round tube to decorate the gate with a gap to see through.
The gate is 1.54m x 2.4m high.

The driveway gate is made up from the following material:
Frame consists of 50mm x 50mm steel square tube.
Verticals consists of 90mm steel twisted round tube and 200mm onions with 30 x 3mm flat bar scrolls.
The bottom 1/3 is covered with 1.6mm thick steel plate and 80mm wheels with a catch and latch system.

The gate is 5.3m x 2.4m high.

We made a few of the lights above the driveway gates sides for the customer aswell and a few to hang against his walls.

To finish of this work, it was sprayed in a primer to prevent rust then painted brown and bronze to give it a beautiful rustic look.

Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs give our client not only a beautiful security steel combo, but a fully functional barrier from threats outside. Visit our Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs shop at 564 Trichardts Road, Ravenswood, Boksburg, 1459 or give Pierries du Toit a call on 011 917-8192 or 079 139 4143.

Let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs design your beautiful combo that will complement your home and personal style.