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Wrought iron chandelier made by Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs

Wrought iron chandelier made by Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs

Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs custom designed and made this small three lighter, steel chandelier that looks beautiful in a bathroom-toilet.

The width of this small three lighter, steel chandelier is 800 mm
Its size makes it ideal for a bathroom or hallway.

Out of mild steel the three light fitted arms curl symmetrically outward in different directions and are fitted with glass shades, which are flower like. These glass shades are smoked glass and covers that encase light that the wrought iron chandelier will beam out and gives the chandelier a soft feeling. The light cast’s effect it is soft and elegant.

Curls are pressed up against the ceiling giving the whole wrought iron chandelier an organic feeling, that stems out of a centre point which draws your attention. Each wrought iron curl is decorated with three steel single leaves that are placed on the back of each curl that flows out in the same direction evoking the feeling of a vine growing out of the steel chandelier.

Exclusivio, wrought iron works took the time to meet with the client and together we custom designed this wrought iron chandelier. The three curls are flat against the ceiling while the arms for the lights stand away as to incorporate the specific look the client wanted.

This small three lighter, steel chandelier was hand painted in a bronze and brownish colour.
Exclusivio, wrought iron works completed this wrought iron chandelier in 3 days.

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Let Exclusivio, wrought iron works make your custom wrought iron or steel chandeliers.