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Exclusivio Wrought iron children’s table, chair and basin set

This beautiful steel basin, table and chair set is designed for either girls or boys , who love having tea parties or playing games.

The basin is always a winner for washing little hands or rinsing some tea cups. The basin and bowl set is made up of 10mm steel round bar.

The bowls diameter is 290mm and is 500mm high. The round bar is bent and manipulated into the swirls that forms and completes the stand for the bowl. The table is made from 10mm steel round bar, 20x5mm flat bar and 25mm twisted pipe. It is 450mm high and the tabletop is 540mm in diameter, which is a wooden surface.

The chair is made from 100mm steel round bar and 20 x 5mm flat bar. The chair is 330mm high.

It’s a very basic but somewhat entertaining.

The shape, size and detail on it can change as per customer needs. More detail can be added to this set such as flowers, leaves or birds ect.

The wooden table surface can be replaced with a solid steel top, which can then be covered with material, sponge or anything to complete the theme. We can paint this set in any colour, even with our unique paint technique.

This steel set can be used indoors or outdoors as we spray all our steel work with a primer then we give it the colour of choice. We can make this in a bigger size to use as a patio table and chairs set for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the sun.

If you have a child who loves tea parties let Exclusivio Wrought Iron Designs built this for you. 

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